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Bass Or Double Bass Harmonica
Dec 25, 2017

Bass or Double Bass Harmonica is special, all holes are blown holes, Bass or Double Bass Harmonica mainly served as part of the band bass. Bass or Double Bass Harmonica heavier, single tone spring or double gong sound model. Double bass is the double-beak type, with an octave difference in pitch between the upper and lower reeds. Similar to the piano, the hole on the hole is equivalent to the black key of the piano, and the hole on the lower row is equivalent to the white key of the piano. One or two octaves below the average harmonica. Bass or Double Bass Harmonica's low, rounded, thick tone sets the tempo and tempo of a melody and steady song. Bass or Double Bass Harmonica is a must-have instrument for the harmonica community and the band. It acts like a metronome in a band, and works in concert with the harmonica to form a complete section.

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