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Breathing Method Playing Flute
Feb 27, 2018

Breathing method in line with the natural laws of human physiology, can play flute well.

When playing the flute breathing and breathing is usually different, due to play a large amount of inspiratory, usually with both breathing at the same time, to speed up. Inhale is also slow and fast absorption of two points, usually before the start of the music and playing slow, melodic tune can be used in slow-smoking method. Suction sufficient plentiful, but also do not absorb the limit can not be absorbed, so as to avoid muscle tension, playing can not control. Fast suction generally used in fast music and no signs of ventilation between the continuous vomit.

Breathing when playing the flute is not normally exhaled from the two nostrils and the mouth naturally, but from the upper and lower lips, breath through the gap between the air, so the pressure contraction of the chest and abdomen muscles and cheeks and lips Strong control, the breath of the formation of a uniform atmosphere, temperate, pressure column will be the sound of the flute.

Playing the flute breath do not call to the limit can no longer call, so as not to muscle tension tremor, but should leave two points more than gas, for the next inhale rapidly, so that the music can be played naturally and consistently. In order to increase the volume of lung expansion, so that a more adequate atmosphere, usually can insist on long-distance running, swimming and deep breathing exercise.

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