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Chinese Rattle Drum Become A Special Gift
Nov 15, 2017

During the Beijing Olympic Games, the chinese rattle drum was selected as a gift of Beijing culture. At the 8th "Beijing Gifts" Tourism Product Solicitation Contest in 2011, the chinese rattle drum named "YE Feng" was awarded the gold medal. Designer Gao Lei combines the chinese rattle drum with the capital royal etiquette elements to create a drumbeat pattern that adds a touch of color to the body. "These decorations add the aesthetic appeal of the chinese rattle drum and enhance the visual effect of the toy Entertainment features and cultural attributes. "Gao Lei said. From the environmental considerations, Gao Lei design Chinese rattle drum paper, in order to show better results, the drum cavity also installed a color LED lights. The small Chinese rattle drum not only carries the traditional culture charm, but also conveys the fashionable color.

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