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Chromatic Harmonica
Dec 19, 2017

Chromatic harmonica contains a complete chromatic scale, you can play any tune with a harmonica tune. Chromatic Harmonica Includes all 12 semitones that rise and fall in semitone steps. Chromatic harmonica Each hole 4 Reed, of which two normal pitch, two for the semitone. Switch the normal and semitone through the button on the harmonica. Chromatic harmonica Suitable for playing jazz, classic, blues and pop.

Chromatic harmonica is a more serious instrument than the ten-hole harmonica. A complete chromatic scale, up to a maximum of four octaves, makes the chromatic harmonica, which does not have a long birth, occupy a place in formal instruments. Chromatic harmonica in the chamber music and other fields have a certain status, there are also internationally consonant-based harmonica harmonica, composed of chords, bass harmonica and other bands active. Because you can play all the semitones in the range, the chromatic harmonica is suitable for playing more complex music.

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