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Diatonic Harmonica
Dec 18, 2017

Diatonic harmonica is a very popular type of harmonica in Europe and the United States. Ten holes harmonica is also called blues harmonica / blues harmonica because of the ten most common types of holes. Such a harmonica a hole two tones, and more use of Ritcher tuning. This design was originally designed to take into account the needs of national music can also play some chords and produce. But the emergence of Bending technology, making the original missing sound can play, but also to Bruce harmonica adds a unique charm. Can even say that this is the reason why Bruce harmonica became blues harmonica. This harmonica is characterized by its small and unique tone, is a very "human" instrument. In blues music, such harmonica has a shoulder to shoulder with the guitar. In addition, blues harmonica is also very suitable for playing some of the songs with national flavor. One of the important reasons for such harmonica learning is greater than polyphony. The important reason is that long-term practice is required for the flexible use of the pressure-toning technique. At the same time, the unique musicality of blues harmonica needs some energy to learn.

With the popularity of diatonic harmonica in Europe and the United States, Overdraw and Overblow have emerged since Bending, both of which have achieved ascending or descending halftone at blues harmonica. Since then, through the combination of Bend technology and Overbend technology, performers can play 12 tonality on any blues harp.

The diatonic harmonica has ten blow holes, each hole blows suction to produce two tones, so ten holes harmonica, also known as folk / blues harmonica. This harmonica is extremely popular in Europe and the United States, you can think of it as the largest ethnic harmonica lovers. Ten holes harmonica small size, easy to carry, the sound has a considerable ability to imitate, beautiful with a melancholy, it is suitable for blues, rock, country, folk, jazz and other styles, but also the most commonly used entertainment film and television music harmonica.

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