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Features Of Samba
Dec 07, 2017


Samba moves are improvised by dancers along with the rhythm. Female dancers are mainly small and ingenious twist hip movement, male dancers in addition to crotch movements, often at the foot of a variety of dexterous movements to show their own dance skills. When the performance can be surrounded by a circle and dance, but also a man invites a woman performing in the circle, while others are still the same place with the jump, but also by the leader, followed by others in a row, supported by the posterity of the posterity Waist, everyone according to various formation consistent twist hip action.


Female dancer twist hip movement combined with substantial styling dance and a variety of footwork changes, while according to the number of dance to create a variety of formation, male dancers percussion percussion while dancing.

Rhythmic, lively:

Samba, with its rhythmic and lively character, usually brings considerable excitement to the competition, with a focus on good body balance and the proper allocation of each other to each other in fixed-point and zig-zag movements, generally Saying that samba is a gradual move dance. Improved International Standards Latin samba is different from the original Brazilian samba that brings people into spree, but still retains the "carnival parade" style and dynamic features.

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