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Flute Playing Posture
Feb 26, 2018

First of all to play the flute to pay attention to the correct posture, natural, one must have a positive instrument; the second is to adapt to the physiological characteristics of the human body itself, the posture of the potential and potential sitting two.

In the flute and larger bass flute, you can also use the left index finger at the bottom of the third quarter with the thumb and thumb together to hold the flute with the thumb. Holding the flute in this way, the flute does not shake even if the left hand three holes are fully open when the right hand makes an erase finger.

In the ensemble and accompaniment when the general use of sitting position. Sitting on the flute when the potential requirements of the upper body and the same vertical position, the chair should be moderately high and low, so as not to hinder the playing and breathing. It is best not to sit legs when sitting, legs naturally separated to sit calm.

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