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How To Choose Flute
Mar 05, 2018

Choosing a flute should be considered from the quality and type of flute. In addition to the quality of the flute, the quality of the flute depends on the level of production.

Choice, purchase, should be tested:

1. Test the bamboo flute. Flutes require a solid bamboo. Bamboo fine. Tube straight and round. Body flute general head slightly thicker than the tail, but the difference should not be too large. Flute tube thickness is moderate. Flute pipe wall smooth. No body borers, cracks and other phenomena. Beautiful shape. These requirements can be identified visually.

2. Test the sound of the flute. Method is in accordance with the standard phonetic sound instrument or fixed sound instrument (accordion, keyboard, etc.) control trial blowing. After the tonic is confirmed, the accuracy of the entire pronunciation of the flute is verified by the interval relationship. You can also blow each overtone to see if it is easy to sound out, clean. Testing overtones is also a good way to test real tones.

3. Test the flute volume. In general, the volume is good. Large volume flute, resonance, strong vibration. There is sometimes a numb feeling on my fingers when playing.

4. Test the flute tone. The general requirements of the sound color is loose, thick, round, bright, on the one hand depends on the quality of the flute itself, on the other hand with film technology, playing skills are also closely related.

5. Test flute sensitivity. In general, the tone to the sound, not dull pronunciation as well, the reaction as soon as possible.

6. If it is a beginner, it is best to find someone familiar with the flute to buy. Test tube sound 5 fingering the treble 6 is good, but also test a good standard flute.

7. beginners should be selective. The same kind of bamboo flute has a variety of different tonalities. How to choose? In general, beginners to choose middle flute class, E or F flute is more appropriate. Because such flutes are easy to play with moderate pitch, performance is often used. If there are conditions and want to choose more than one flute, then, in addition to E and F flute, you can also choose a D flute and a G flute, the two tone flute are also used. G, F flute on the tone of the wind helpful. The C, D tone flute on the atmosphere helpful.

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