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How To Play The Flute
Mar 01, 2018

Playing the flute requires both hands to hold the flute, open the finger hole, in order to send different levels of sound. Therefore, for each finger to be flexible and resilient, capable of lasting and independent activities and cooperation, it requires rigorous training.

Playing with arms and hands to relax, fingers naturally bent, with the first section of the middle finger gently cover the flute hole. Open the sound hole, the fingers do not lift too high, about one to five centimeters away from the finger hole. Excessive finger movement is not fast, affecting the playing speed; finger too low will make the sound level becomes lower, the volume becomes smaller, the sound becomes boring.

Finger closed sound hole should be tight, can not leak, but do not stiff. When the rapid opening and closing finger hole and continuous closed finger hole from top to bottom, should be flexible to hit the sound hole. At this time can not hear the flute can also be heard that belly hit the sound hole issued the same pitch when blowing the same basic tone.

Usually do not take the flute finger joints can also be relaxed and hit the training exercise, the frequency from slow to fast, faster to be more relaxed and flexible. The ring finger is generally the most flexible, but also to strengthen training, pinkie when not to paste the flute body, do not use pinky activities to help other fingers. This allows you to easily and smoothly apply various vibrato and decorative sounds later on.

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