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Mar 07, 2018

Kazoo is a very special wind instrument, it sounds through the voices of human voices, relying on their own diaphragm and resonance tube sound amplification, hoarse tone, similar to the saxophone.

Kazoo belonged to the instrument of the gas pipe wind instruments, is an ancient musical instrument, commonly used in celebrations or special festival playing. As long as the player can hum songs, you can play with the Kazu Di, you can quickly master the playing skills. Playing kazudi do not need to learn music theory, do not have music score, do not even practice. Kazoo sounds like a sax and trumpet. Can be played at any time, is a guest musician performance of many foreign musicians and singers. Kazoo simple structure, membrane exchange. Kazoo big, a small, playing the bulk in the mouth, without blowing, but with a voice hum melody, vocal cacophony vibrate driven sound card on the diaphragm sound.

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