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Octave Harmonica And Bariton Harmonica
Dec 21, 2017

Octave Harmonica, like the Tremolo Harmonica agency, has the same reed and scale arrangement. The difference is that the pitch of two reeds of the same sound differs by one octave. Sound full and beautiful, very nice, and no sound effects. Suitable for playing ancient folk music and Old Ireland music.

Bariton Harmonica, also similar to Tremolo Harmonica, has a full octave lower than the Tremolo Harmonica, and in the ensemble it is used as accompaniment and heavier melody. Bariton Harmonica played the equivalent of the viola part of the orchestra at Yamato. Bariton Harmonica, a key member of the Harmonica family, combines melodious music in an ensemble and is good at expressing feelings like a solo instrument.

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