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Playing Flute
Jan 05, 2018

Flute playing is the sound of the mouth blowing breath into the flute blowing hole. The way to sounded it as follows:

1. Lips naturally closed, holding both ends of the flute with both hands, hold the flute with your left hand and the flute with your right hand. Put the blow hole under the lower lip and blow at the blow hole.

2. When the breath flushes out, let the air pass through only a small gap, and make it a beam of air to blow obliquely down under the blowhole. The principle is the same as sounded the same pen.

3. To make the breath rushed out of the lips will not open, which caused the breath to disperse, cheek muscles must be hard to maintain the breath of the exit is small.

4. The sound of blowing out requires purity, to avoid mixed sound.

5. To mirror the usual practice, experience how to align the stomata, so that the correct pronunciation position, impartiality, the breath into all the flute.

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