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Samba Dancer's Body Requirements
Dec 08, 2017

Samba unique foot BOUNCE action, is by the center of gravity knees and ankle each other buckling and straightening produced. Each time to bend and upright is to use l / 2 beat, and the angle of the bend due to different steps, and sometimes "a little" and sometimes "no." Another difficult action for the pelvis and hip oblique. The lack of these two movements is difficult to show the samba. The movement of samba must reflect the joyous atmosphere of a parade-like dance partner surrounding each other and interact with the audience as they move or dance.

A highly flexible and supple body is paramount, and for such a strong rhythmic body, the arm has a second-most important balance. Senior dancers will use the correct body weight and gravity, resulting in "heavy" center of gravity. Players should focus on the appropriate relaxation of muscle and center of gravity, physical and psychological tension are not able to lively, passionate samba performed well.

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