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The Features Of Orff Music
Sep 27, 2017

Orff music is the biggest characteristic of the development of the inner world of children. In such a study, the child will not learn music as a burden or utilitarian, and will be wholeheartedly into the music world. With their body, language, musical instruments free interpretation, in a unique way to express the inner world.

When the music becomes the child's own needs,Children can easily and quickly master music theory, music, performance, performance and language and culture. At the same time Orff music emphasizes the creation of spiritual creation. In the classroom, the child with frogs drums imitation autumn night frogs, with the wrist bell depicting the Spring River drizzle, with the language and beat the body to deduce the rhythm. Especially a group of children together to perform different parts, a pleasant symphony was born in the children.

Orff music to the child to develop personality to provide an infinite space, but also in the collective performance of the child to the collective consciousness and spirit of cooperation. In the classroom also allow parents to participate in the course, parents and children to learn, perform, make the course more fun and meaning.

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