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The Horigin Of Harmonica
Dec 12, 2017

The origin of the harmonica has a very interesting anecdote. One day in 1821, Germany, a musician named Buschmann, walking in Torsten town, accidentally found a peasant girl sitting in front of the play, a pair of chubby little hand holding a piece of cardboard with a piece of cardboard Blowing on the mouth Buschman got a glimpse of his mind and went back to his hometown. According to the pronunciation and playing principle of ancient Chinese Sheng and Roman flute, the ivory carved harmonica was the earliest harmonica in the world. In 1857, Buschmann and Torsen founded a company that made the harmonica, making the first harmonica and quickly sold it throughout Europe and the United States. By 1885 after continuous improvement, the harmonica was equipped with modern characteristics. Harmonica tracing its roots is actually a tool for tuning. Free spring gas music instrument. Small wind instruments. The body is rectangular, its size, length vary, many shapes. Common ten hole harmonica. In addition there are chromatic harmonica, polyphonic harmonica, bass harmonica, polyphonic harmonica and so on. Harmonica originated in China, earlier known as the Sheng, bamboo sound instruments, was popular in Asia; the late eighteenth century, Sheng spread to Europe, popular in the entire music industry, and the formation of a contemporary harmonica framework.

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