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The Playing Of A Tambourine
Jun 27, 2017

Dab because of the different spread of the region, and the formation of distinctive characteristics of the playing style and schools. The traditional performance techniques mainly include drum heart sound, drum lateral, palm sound, finger tone, sound and sound, and so on, playing a high and low frustrated, forming a rich music language.

In addition, it can be placed between the two legs, the hands roll out the drum edge, the sound of the bell.

Uygur: When playing, both hands "tiger" hold the drum frame, except the thumb, the rest of the fingers can be used for drumming. Finger percussion drum surface of different parts, can send out the sound of other "boom", "clatter" of the sound, the tone of the ever-changing, expressive extremely rich. Shaking the drum, so that the small hoop hit the drum box, but also issued a "rustling" sound.

Uzbek: When playing, the left hand holds the handle of a handshake, with the right hand to beat the drum.

In the Uighur and Uzbek communities, BU is usually played by men.

Particularly unique is that the Tajik, almost all of the women play, this is the traditional custom left over the years.

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