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Tremolo Harmonica
Dec 20, 2017

Tremolo Harmonica is a diatonic harmonica Tremolo Harmonica consisting of a double row of blowholes whose pitches on the upper and lower reeds are adjusted to a slight difference with each tone consisting of two springs of the same pitch Sent. Because these two reeds are both blow holes or suction holes, the two reeds resonate and vibrate at the same time. The nuances of the pitch of the two reeds produce a pleasant shock sound effect. The harmonica is better suited for playing folk and country music, such as Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Tremolo Harmonica generally have 16 to 28 holes. Polyphonic hole is divided into two rows up and down, the general playing, the same hole in the upper and lower reeds at the same time sound. As the two reed vibration frequency nuances, at the same time the vibration will have a physical phenomenon called "beat", the performance of the cyclical changes in the strength of the sound, which is the so-called "tremolo." The advantage of Tremolo is that the structure is simple and fixed, and does not require complicated techniques. Tremolo full range, crisp and loud tone, with strong penetration. Tremolo Harmonica suitable for some ethnic style, is a good choice for beginners.

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